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From the office to the field, Skyline will work with your company to provide a safe and certified system. Our services include everything from fall protection estimations and consultations to 10-year re-certifications. 

Design | Engineering | 3D Modeling

Skyline offers many services including fall protection system design and redesign to make new and existing equipment safe and OSHA compliant. We start with a site visit and fall hazard analysis, then after identifying the areas in need of fall protection, we will propose a system design and quote to provide the best solution. We can begin to 3D model the components after we receive a purchase order. All of our designs are evaluated for strength, functionality, and system compliance. 

Testing | Certification | Training 

Safety doesn't stop after a system is installed. OSHA requires annual fall protection inspections of all equipment and systems. Inspections are completed by our in house competent qualified Inspection Manager. 

We offer 10 year re-certifications as well as initial system certifications. Pair this with our system use training and you have a fully usable system that personnel will enjoy and value using. 

We are excited to announce that we are adding additional training programs and certification classes starting in 2024!

Fabrication | Installation 


Skyline has an in-house machine shop and multiple certified welders on staff. Pair that with our close relationship to local shops, and we believe we can build almost anything.

We have a staff of 10 installation technicians who work all over the country. Our technicians provide all of the in-field services needed from site evaluations, installations, repairs, testing/certification and system trainings. 

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