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Overhead Track

Overhead track provides a rigid structure where large coverage zones are needed. Track systems can be ceiling mounted, attached to jib arms or stand alone assemblies. Skyline also has access to portable track systems.

Practical Applications:

RV fall protection, railroad cars, boat manufacturer & bus bays.


Skyline's gantries are available as either a rolling or fixed option. We also offer them in multiple styles such as A-frame or Box frame setups. Any of our gantries can be provided in the following finishes; aluminum, galvanized or powder coated.

Practical Applications:

Facility maintenance & vehicle maintenance.

Overhead Lifeline

Skyline offers lifeline solutions that can either be attached to ceiling structures or wall mounted. Lifeline can span long distances offering users large coverage areas. Once users connect to the system, they can transverse freely along the length of the lifeline without having to detach from the system. 

Practical Applications:

Large equipment, elevated walkways & aircraft hangars.

Jib Arms

Providing an overhead tie-off point for workers who need a wide radius of coverage. Arms can either be attached to existing columns or can be built and installed on a stand alone mast. Jib arms are application dependent and are customized for each product to offer your facility the safest fall protection solution.

Practical Applications:

Truck bays & vehicle maintenance.

Overhead Tie-Off

Overhead anchors offer a cost effective fall protection solution. A single user system is great for installation in confined spaces.

Practical Applications:

Above heavy manufacturing equipment, confined space fall protection & raised surfaces.