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Our standard fall protection roof anchor is a crucial safety device designed to secure workers and prevent falls from elevated surfaces, such as roofs. This anchor is made of durable hot dip galvanized steel to withstand harsh weather conditions. It's engineered to provide a reliable point of attachment for personal fall arrest systems, lifelines, lanyards, and more.


Key features of our standard fall protection roof anchor include:


  • Versatility: These anchors are designed to be versatile and can be installed on various roof types, including flat roofs, sloped roofs, and metal roofs.

  • Easy Installation: Standard roof anchors are designed for straightforward installation, often requiring basic tools and fasteners. The anchors are permanently fixed.

  • Durability: They are built to withstand exposure to UV rays, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-term reliability.

  • Compliance: Our standard roof anchors meet relevant safety standards and regulations, such as those set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

  • Load Capacity: They are engineered to support specific weight loads to ensure the safety of workers on the roof. The engineering provided is based on application type.

  • Anchorage Point: These anchors provide a secure attachment point for lifelines or lanyards, allowing workers to connect to the anchor with their fall protection equipment.

  • Regular Inspection: Like all safety equipment, standard roof anchors require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they remain in proper working condition.


In summary, the standard fall protection roof anchor is an essential component of a comprehensive fall protection system. It provides a secure and reliable attachment point, helping to keep workers safe when they are working at heights. Proper installation, maintenance, and compliance with safety regulations are critical when using these anchors to protect against falls.

Standard Roof Anchor

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