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Key Features:

  • Provides Maximum Comfort and Safety
  • Impact Fall Indicator
  • Deluxe Label Protector
  • Back D-Ring
  • Quick Connect Chest Fasteners
  • Tongue and Buckle Leg Fasteners
  • Premium Aglets on All Adjustment Straps
  • Break Away Lanyard Keepers
  • Identification Label
  • Finished Webbing Ends
  • Enhanced with Reflective Webbing
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Design
  • Easily Adjustable to Fit a Range of Sizes
  • ANSI Worker Capacity: 130-310 lbs.
  • Compliant with ANSI Z359.11-2021
  • Meets OSHA 1910.66 and OSHA 1926.502, Subpart M

Javelina Harness

  • From the Manufacturer:

    A full-body harness is an integral part of a personal fall arrest system that helps ensure safety while working at heights. When combined with other fall protection equipment, these nylon, polyester, and steel harnesses protect vital organs and prevent casualties by stopping impact with the ground during a fall.

    The Javelina Full-Body Harness with Quick Connect Chest Buckles and Tongue & Buckle Legs is the best available economy harness on the market. This roof safety harness can be used with a worker capacity range of 130 to 310 lbs. and has been tested to ANSI and OSHA fall protection standards that include ANSI Z359.11-2021, OSHA 1910.66, and OSHA 1926.502, Subpart M. No matter the project, these harnesses can withstand tough tasks day in and day out.

    The Javelina fall protection harness has dual break-away lanyard keepers to hold lanyards out of the way while working and comes with a customizable label where workers can record information on harnesses without jeopardizing the integrity of the webbing.

    Because Javelina safety harnesses are constructed as a one-piece structure, workers can trust that it will stay in place without slipping. This harness features tongue and buckle leg connections with metal grommets that can be easily adjusted and tightened to help achieve the perfect fit. The quick-connect check buckle allows workers to set their perfect fit and makes getting in out of the harness quick and simple. Whatever your workers’ size requirements are, the Javelina Full-Body Harness can be customized to meet their needs — without damaging the webbing.

    The Javelina Full Body Back D-Ring Universal Harness with Tongue and Buckle Legs and Quick Connect Chest fasteners is the harness that everyone says they want, but no one makes. Well, Malta Dynamics listens to our customers’ requests and now offers the ideal harness for long days on the jobsite.

    How to Adjust and Wear the Javelina Harness

    While the Javelina full-body harness delivers reliable protection, it’s important to ensure it’s properly adjusted at all times. Your business’s harnesses need to be regularly inspected, and each worker needs to ensure their harness fits correctly. You can do this by:

    • Holding the D-Ring, shake the Javelina safety harness, and then unfasten any straps.
    • Slipping the straps over your shoulders, making sure the D-Ring is centered on your back.
    • Putting each leg through the straps and then attaching the straps to the connector.
    • Fastening the waist belt, if your harness has one.
    • Connecting the chest strap, which should stay 6 to 8 inches under your throat.
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